Boxer Rescue - located in NSW

All our Rescues are fed this amazing product - generously supplied by Purina...

Boxer Rescue


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It is with the greatest delight that I am able to re-home many preloved boxers and occasionally a Shar-Pei as well.

Our rescue shelter finds homes for boxers of all ages. They come from all walks of life, from starved and neglected, through to show or breeding dogs seeking new lives.

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 I have been finding new homes for about 18 months now and it has proved very successful. Many new owners keep in contact and I get great satisfaction hearing how these dogs enjoy their new lives.

It is only with the help of my husband and the generous assistance of "Ralston Purina" that I am able to help these lovely animals.

 Ralston Purina manufacturers of the "Bonnie" range of dry foods has brought many of them back into shape. Their kind and generous donation of the "Bonnie working dog" is greatly appreciated. I raise all of our own boxers on "Bonnie", from puppy through to adulthood, so I am very grateful that i can feed the same quality nutrition to the rescues.
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The dogs are all vaccinated, microchipped and desexed before re-homing, and while they are here are socialised with my dogs and family to look at temperament.
If anyone is interested in re homing a boxer, please email anytime to discuss cicumstances and preferences, or if you own a boxer that you can no longer care for and are wanting a good home found please let me know

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